Kimball Votes to Pursue Website Service


KIMBALL – At Monday night’s meeting of the selectboard, recommendations for a new hosting service for the town’s website were heard. Virtual Town Hall was the top recommendation by selectboard administrative assistant Rhonda Whitney. She has had demonstrations of both Virtual Town Hall and another service, Civic Plus. Virtual Town Hall, located in Maynard, charges a onetime conversion fee of $3,490 in addition to an annual fee of $1,500. The conversion fee can be split into three annual payments, interest free. Virtual Town Hall will conduct onsite trainings for anyone using the site at no additional charge.

Whitney said that Civic Plus, located in Manhattan, Kansas, charges over $6,000 for their conversion fee. Also, feedback from other towns on Civic Plus was not good. She said there were some good small features though, with Civic Plus.

According to Whitney, the best option would be Virtual Town Hall. The board passed a motion to proceed with pursuing service from Virtual Town Hall. They will have the town’s legal counsel review the contract. An application to renew the liquor license for Phillipston Variety and Liquor Store was presented. A motion was passed to approve the application and renew the license for the next year.

A request was heard asking for the board’s permission for a sign to be hung underneath the town’s sign on the common advertising an upcoming holiday fair at the Phillipston Congregational Church. A motion was passed to approve the request and hang the sign.

In response to what to do with the unused desks on the second floor of the town hall, it has been discovered that the items must first be legally declared as surplus and then either sold in a public auction or in a sealed bid auction. Either auction would require a public viewing before the auction could take place. Whitney raised a concern of people being able to view the furniture upstairs as it is not very spacious with all the stored furniture. Ideas were heard of moving the furniture to be auctioned off into the gym for the viewing, or another large space in town.

It is unknown currently of how long the public viewing must be, this will be found out and further discussion will take place at the next meeting. A resident mentioned that recently the cutoff at Burnshirt Road and Queen Lake Road has had issues with motorists traveling at high speeds and traveling in both directions on the one way section of the one way road.

Richard Tenney, highway department superintendent, said he has heard similar reports as well and will be talking with the police chief about the matter in the coming week. There were some suggestions including a speed bump being installed or increased police patrols of the area.