Dale LePage Wins Magazine Poll


Readers voted  Danville native Dale LePage their Favorite Male Vocalist of the Year for the fourth year in Clinton Living Magazine.

He is a two-time winner for Favorite T.V. Personality in Central Massachusetts by the Landmark Readers Poll. Mr. LePage was also nominated twice for Male Vocalist of the Year in the New England Music Awards. Mr. LePage hosts WooTube Entertainment T.V. and This is the Nightlife with Dale LePage, which both run on Charter cable TV and online.

A 1979 graduate of Narra­gansett Regional High School, he said music was a big part of his high school years. He quickly started touring right out of high school.

Fast forward a few decades later, Mr. LePage said winning Entertainer of the Year means a lot him. He added he’s blessed, lucky and grateful.

“The winners are chosen by the people who read the magazine or newspaper online, so winning in a reader’s poll means a lot to me since it’s the fans and friends who are voting,” Mr. LePage said.

He classifies his music style as swing with soul. He specializes in the American Songbook Songs genre, performing cover songs by Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Michael Buble. He also sings original tunes he writes with his band. His band mates consist of: Joe D. Angelo on guitar, Geoffrey Oehling on bass, Thomas Spears on percussion and Jim Russo on saxophone.

Mr. LePage said he was excited and honored when he received the phone call that he won Favorite Male Vocalist of the Year.

“Being a singer is all I’ve ever wanted to do my entire life, and I’m very lucky to be able to do it,” he said. “A wise woman (my mother) once told me if you want to be good at something, surround yourself with people who are great at what they do, and learn from them.”

But he doesn’t want to put the spotlight on himself. He credits his recent success to his band mates, whom he calls his friends.

“I think the reason that music is going so well for my band and I is because the people who come to see us know that we are genuinely having a great time up there performing,” Mr. LePage said. “We truly like each other, have fun, and hopefully, that comes across to the audience.”

He commented on why he thinks his fans are attracted to his T.V. shows, which resulted in him winning Favorite T.V. Personality in Central Maryland.

“WooTube is more like a MTV video show, where a winner is chosen each month, and then goes on to be in the running for WooTube video of the year, whereas This is the Nightlife is more like the old-fashioned talk show, where musicians, comedians and entertainment industry people come on and talk about anything they want,” Mr. LePage said.