Bouygues Telecom: a Bbox Wi-Fi 6 modem to keep your hands on Orange, Free and SFR

On Tuesday 14 January, Bouygues Telecom unveiled its new Bbox Fibre modem. After Free and its Freebox Delta, SFR and the Box 8 and Orange with its Livebox 5, it is the turn of the operator, which claims 4 million customers in the fixed-line sector, to update its box offer. “We launched a 4K set-up box in 2019. With this new modem, we now have a complete and competitive offer,” explained Benoît Torloting, Executive Vice President, Consumer and Business Operations.

According to him, it is not enough to have a competitive offer, “it is above all necessary to provide excellent customer quality”. And to achieve this, the operator questioned French people in a study conducted by OpinionWay (carried out in December 2019 on a panel of 1,000 Internet users) which concluded that they are above all looking for good quality Internet in their homes to meet their more intense and shared uses. This study shows that households have an average of 7 connected objects. As a result, there is a real expectation, given that 26% of French people say they are satisfied with their Wi-Fi and 39% say they have difficulty connecting.

New design, better connection
Bouygues Telecom didn’t sell the dream today by promising mountains and wonders “à la Xavier Niel” during its presentation of the Delta Freebox. Operators have clearly understood that it is no longer enough to simply pile up features to win over customers. The time has come for sobriety and efficiency. The operator is therefore banking on a product that is both stylish and in tune with the times. He wanted to completely rethink his modem by adopting a vertical design to “optimize the quality of the Wi-Fi link”. The new Bbox Fibre modem is Wi-Fi 6 certified to increase the speed and speed of the connection, but also to be more robust to interference. It is the only one, along with SFR’s Box 8, to be compatible with this new standard. It has a total of 8 Wi-Fi antennas, half at 5 GHz and half at 2.4 GHz. Wi-Fi 6 repeaters have also been designed for the most difficult to access areas of the home.

Main technical characteristics
Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi a, Wi-Fi b, Wi-Fi n, Wi-Fi 5 (Wi-Fi ac), Wi-Fi 6. 320 x 240 pixel screen, color LCD. Connection 4x Ethernet 1 Gb/s, 1x Ethernet 10 Gb/s, 2x USB-3, 1x RJ11. The modem-router is delivered with an SFP optical module. Weight 1.46 kg. Dimensions 141 x 152 x 231 mm

The box is compatible with band steering, a feature that allows you to connect to the faster 5 GHz network, leaving the 2.4 GHz network for those who do not have both bands, all to improve performance.

On the other hand, the Bbox is not yet compatible with 10 Gbit/s fibre, unlike the Freebox Delta. However, it does have a compatible Ethernet port to allow for an upgrade when this speed becomes necessary. It also has 4 RJ 45 1 Gbit/s ports each.

The box is equipped with an LCD screen and a thumbwheel to navigate through the menu. A QR-code on the box offers the possibility to connect to the smartphone in a single scan. No more need to enter 26-character codes! It is also possible to interact remotely through an application.

Of course, as time goes by, the modem is designed to be durable and therefore upgradable and repairable. It will be able to adapt to 10 Gbit/s fiber by integrating the appropriate SFP module. Bouygues takes up here the speech of Orange who introduced recycling in the world of boxes with its Livebox 5.

The modem will integrate Bouygues Telecom’s Ultym Fibre offer at the end of January at €14.99/month for one year before rising to €41.99/month.

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